Morocco Desert 4×4 Excursions

Our Morocco Desert 4×4 Excursions and day trips are planned to suit every explorer: individuals, couples and small groups.

As there are several  pick up points close to the desert the pricing will be calculated depending the distance you will cross,  and by booking with us it  will be for free from  the center of Merzouga, Rissani and Erfoud.

Morocco Desert 4×4 Excursions:

Travel in 4×4 vehicle instead of a normal car from Erfoud, Rissani, Errachidia to Merzouga and Erg Chebbi Dunes by off-road track. We offer Sahara excursions in 4×4 and desert tours around the sand Dunes of Merzouga or erg chebbi . Book this 4wd expedition to tour and explore around Merzouga Erg-Chebbi Dunes – Sahara 4WD Desert.

If you decided to start from another place or elsewhere in Morocco please contact our travel company.

Transfer from Errachidia Airport to  The Dunes line to take camels to ou Camp.

Our pricing for this will vary depending which hotel you are accommodated in. We will  let you know about it once you provide us with your address accommodation.

Morocco Sahara Desert Excursions In 4×4 Departing From Erfoud

Erfoud is small town famous with dates (3 days festival in October) and fossils and 30 minutes stop really worth it to visit one of its biggest Carriers of Marble fossils which have remarkable collections before heading deep to the desert. Most tourist buses stop in Erfoud in order to take 4-wheel drive vehicles for the opportunity to view the incredible sunset or sunrise glimpse over the gorgeous sand dunes of Erg Chebbi.

Sunrise Excursions With 4×4: this excursion starts early around 3:30 – 4am and it takes less than an hour to arrive at the Auberge on the edge of dunes. You will be crossing Ziz River in continuation in an off road (piste) which is accessible by 4×4 WD. You may have a stop along the way to watch the stars then continue till you get there. At the hotel, you will be warmly welcomed by your desert guide who was waiting for you to start a magical camel ride along the dunes and experience the mean of transport of Bedouins in the desert. Near the Hotel, you will mount your camel taking you through vast sand sea to reach the tallest dunes. When you arrive there you will have to climb to the top in order to have a fabulous view and experience the peace, sensation and sights. Otherwise, watch the sunrise near your camel park area. You will appreciate the serenity and tranquillity of the desert. You will admire the significant change of scenery of the dunes. Trekking back to your Auberge where you might have breakfast.

After witnessing the sun rise over the dunes we will drive back to Erfoud and you may have a stop to visit a carrier of fossils. Arrive to your Hotel and have hot shower then pack your things up.

Sunset Excursion With 4×4: this excursion starts around 2-3 pm and it takes less than an hour to reach the Auberge on the edge of desert where the caravan of Sahara awaits you for a ride over the golden dunes. You will be picked up from your hotel In Erfoud. Then driven 35 km deep to the desert, you will be crossing Ziz River and you may have a stop to see the fossils Carrier. Later on head deep toward the dunes in an off road which is accessible only by 4×4 WD. You will also stop along the way for a panoramic view of the dunes before arriving to your hotel. You will be inspired by the peaks of sand at Erg Chebbi Dunes Sea. Near the Hotel; you will ride your camel taking you through the vast sand sea to reach the highest dunes. When you arrive there you will have to climb to the top in order to have an amazing view and experience the peace, sensation and sights. Otherwise, watch the sunrise near your camel park area. You will enjoy spectacular scenery around you by witnessing the wonderful sunset. You will appreciate the serenity and tranquillity of the desert. Trekking back to your Auberge where you might have dinner.

After all these we drive back to Erfoud where you will have an overnight in your hotel and you may have a stop along the way for watching stars.

  • ••You have the choice to spend the night in Erfoud or in a hotel in desert or under a Berber nomad tent.

4×4 Excursions Around Desert Sahara – Merzouga & Erg Chebbi: This excursion gives you the opportunity to explore the surrounding desert by visiting the villages and fossil Carrier in addition to nomad Family.

After breakfast begin the drive to explore to the tiny villages around Erg Chebbi dunes such as Hassi Labied, Merzouga and Khamlia. In Hassi Labied you will have a stop at the garden where you will view canal irrigation system. From here we continue the trail toward Merzouga. Near Merzouga,you will have the chance to see Dayet Srji lake that forms in spring time which attracts flocks of pink flamingos and wildlife; Bird-watchers will enjoy this peaceful area. On our way to Kamlia we expect to meet locals showing their desert foxes. You may also encounter desert reptiles and mammals. In Khamlia, known as the village of black people who were slaves coming from Sudan. You will be hospitably welcomed with a cup of tea (Whiskey Berber) while enjoying their spiritual Gnawa music. Leaving Khamlia our next stop is on the panoramic view of golden dunes near the Algerian border. We may stop for Picnic lunch under the shadow of a tree before continuing to visit a Nomad family, who are living under Berber tent and who are taking care for herd of cattle, goats and camels. You will be introduced to family members and getting to know about their way of life while enjoying the taste of a nice cup of tea. After these you will have the chance to visit the sites of black volcanic rocks. Continuing on, you’ll reach the panorama near Yasmina Auberge where you will be amazed with the scene of the dunes in addition to the nearby lake (springtime).Back to your hotel for lunch and relax.

Whether you are planning a day trip or sunrise/sunset excursion, camel trekking, overnight desert camp or special event, we can arrange everything for you. We are your desert locals, providing good quality services at reasonable prices. We encourage you to contact us and tell us about your interests. We are dedicated to serve you better.


  • If you have a rental car it is better to leave it in the park of hotel then take 4×4 vehicle to cross the piste (off road) that links Erfoud with the dunes.
  • If you prefer not to ride a camel, the dunes are nearby; all you need is to walk away, you should bring a bottle of water with you before you start climbing particularly in hot weather.
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